ARISS School Contact 26 October 2022, 13:44 UTC, telebridge via VK4KHZ – postponed to a future date

Picture: VK4KHZ ARISS Telebridge Station. Courtesy of Shane Lynd

Contact is no longer go for: Wed 2022-10-26 13:42:09 UTC 66 deg due to crew timeline changes. It has been postponed to a future date.

An educational radio contact is planned with Five Bridges Junior High School, Stillwater Lake, NS, Canada, telebridge via VK4KHZ ARISS Telebridge Station.

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be TBD and the scheduled crewmember is Josh Cassada KI5CRH. Contact is go for: Wednesday 26 October 2022, 13:44:18 UTC, 62 deg.; downlink signals from ISS will be audible above parts of Australia on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM; contact will be in English. RX only! Credit: AMSAT.

Watch for livestream:

Proposed questions generated by the Five Bridges Junior High School students:

1. Why did you choose to be an astronaut?

2. What was the best or most interesting part of your training to become an astronaut?

3. What is it like to go through the atmosphere and into space at high speeds for extended periods of time?

4. Does everyone rest at the same time or do you work in shifts?

5. What is a day like for you on the ISS?

6. What do you hope to achieve with your experiments during your mission?

7. How will the use of robotics help Astronauts in the future?

8. What are your hobbies and how do you pursue them on the ISS?

9. What are problems that you have to anticipate/prepare for in space that you would not have to on Earth?

10. What are some common misconceptions about astronauts?

11. How do you celebrate all the diverse nationalities, beliefs and religions while on board the ISS?

12. When the ISS is retired from service in 2030 what will replace it in low earth orbit?

13. What kinds of equipment and materials had to come along for your specific mission?

14. If you weren’t an astronaut what job would you have pursued and why?

15. If there was one thing you wanted young people to know about Space and/or Aerospace Programs, what would it be?

16. How will the effects of increasing radiation from the sun affect life on the ISS?

17. For students who are interested in Aerospace, what fields of science or skills do you recommend they explore?

18. How noisy is it in the ISS?

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