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Welcome in teacher‘s zone! Maybe you’ll prepare your students to an ARISS School Contact , so take a look here while working on your educational proposal…and maybe it will be one of your students to go to Mars in a few years: you need to improve their STEM competences, and yours too! In this page you’ll find some suggestions for school space expericences and teacher workshops.

ISS Fan Club staff would like to thank Armand SP3QFE for many of the informations that we collected here.

This site is for community: we invite you all to share with us any new and suggestion about such initiatives.



Paxy: for children. Never too young to love space!

*** You also can find many videos with PAXI on you tube, in different languages! ***


Primary: for students aged 6-12


Secondary: for students aged 14-18


For students of all ages


An international educational challenge, focusing on fitness and nutrition, that encourages students to train like an Astronaut.



See also this amazing acitvities:

And instructions to build antennas: (this is for 2 meters)



Summer & autumn 2019 teacher workshops


The European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) project is ESA’s main way of supporting the primary and secondary education community in Europe.