F4KLX – call for challenge! AMSAT Argentina SSTV Award

In agreement with AMSAT Argentina  SSTV Diploma team, we propose our members to work together in order to get ARISS SSTV diploma with our club’s callsign F4KLX!

Check general rules and, as we’ll work as a team, please read properly the following instructions and write us to coordinate.

1. During a pass please hold and use a single Grid Locator
corresponding to the receiver location. Set RX-SSTV with the proper
call and local grid locator.
2. As soon as the pass is over, upload the images from the same
receiver site using a local and geographic IP address given by a local
service provider.  Do not use VPN or send the image elswhere to be
uploaded because a mismatch will occur and negative elevation angles
will appear.
3. In the next pass, about 90 minutes later, the same procedure can be
repeated by other members of the team, from another location, other
Grid Locator and IP address, but the F4KLX call will be the same. Only
the operator, grid locator and IP address changes.
If you wish, in the upload field “Subido por y Descripción” (Uploaded
by and description) you can write “Op.(call), antenna and receiver”,
but that is not mandatory.
There are 2 directories to upload pictures. If the first and traditional:
The second newer, lighter and faster one:

Special TNX to LU5AG Raul and the AMSAT Lu SSTV Diploma team!