SWL commemorative award: “20 years of active amateur radiocommunication service on the International Space Station”

HAM operators from Poland that are fascinating with amateur radio
service and ARISS, in cooperation with ISS FanClub organize the SWL
commemorative award on the occasion of “20 years of active amateur
radiocommunication service on the International Space Station”. It is
the supplementary award to the following HAM activity
https://ariss.pzk.org.pl/20yHAMonISS/, where awards for SWL listening
stations are not available.
The main targets of this activity are:
– to interest people with amateur radio service.
– by fill in our electronic log people will learn basic elements of the
HAM radio conversation.
– people can understand, that amateur radio is only wireless the carrier
of the information that allows humans to explore space and the Universe.
– to commemorate and promote the most important issues and events
related to the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the launch of HAM
radio equipment at the International Space Station (ISS) thanks to ARISS
between people not connected to the HAM radio.
We cordially invite you to listen to radio communication with our
SN20ISS, SN3ISS, SO1SS, TM20ISS) located in Europe and write down data
exchanged during the conversation including date and time (UTC). It
would be great to receive your reports. The deadline is 23:59 UTC on
21st December 2020. It is the date when 20 years ago students from the
school in the USA made Questions and Answer session during the direct
ARISS school contact. Since that time amateur radio service is
continuously operated on the ISS.
Announcements of stations you can check here:
To listen to (make SWL) of HAM operators conversation (QSO) you can use
the radio system with your antenna system, or use some WebSDR service
available on the internet (the list of some of them is here:
HAM radio operators write down a log of communications. In the past,
they keep paper version logs, however, these days logs are much more
often electronic. We suggest you use the spreadsheet, that we prepared.
You can download it:
in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) file or Format OpenDocument (.ods) file and
fill offline in favorite software on your PC.
There are initially predefined data, that should be helpful for fill in
the log. There are also some samples that we suggest you erase.
We cordially invite you to:
  1. Send your reports via e-mail: radio20iss@issfanclub.eu.
  2. Fill in the form

Awards will be sent via e-mail

Micol Ivancic IU2LXR
Sylvian Valat F1UJT
Claudio Ariotti IK1SLD
Michel Nawrocki F1AFW
Armand Budzianowski SP3QFE
Sławomir Szymanowski SQ3OOK