ISS Fan Club Association

The ISS Fan Club association   was founded by Sylvain Valat (Treasurer) and Micol Ivancic (President) in late July 2019; meet ISS FC BOD .

Our purposes are: to centralize and disseminate information on activities of ISS and space exploration, via the site; promote and support space programs related to HAM radio activities; create and support community projects space-oriented; participate and animate projects in school and extra-school settings.

The association in 2021 enters its second year of activity with members. We thank our members who joined in 2020 supporting us and doing again, and invite  you to join!

Being part of the ISS Fan Club association allows you to join more closer a group of ISS and Space Exploration Fans from all over the world: membership fees and free donations are our only source of funding, and it is thanks to the contributions of the Members that we’ll can improve activities, migrate to a higher performance server, open a shop on line and so on. ISS fan Club Association is a non-profit voluntary association, in no way the money is distributed among the members, it will be used for associative purposes only.

The ISS Fan Club Association has its own RADIOCLUB, whose callsign is F4KLX: members can use F4KLX callsign, previous accord with the ISS FC callsign manager, for SAT/APRS operations. Write

To associate, is required to pay the membership fee that is determined by the Board of Directors every year. For 2021 the fee for Ordinary Members is 10 euros, 4 euros for Students; Gold Members: 30 euros. There are special options for families and for societies. The payment of the annual fee is made through the “SHOP” page, specifying name, callsign if any and “Association/Renewal 2022”.

Members will receive a certificate of association and there is a special goodie for Gold Members!