Who we are

Sylvain Valat, adm & keymaster

I’m 42, computer scientist hamradio F1UJT/FY4RW, member of AMSAT-F and ARISS Teams.


Micol Ivancic, adm & keymaster

Born in 1970, astronautics, astronomy and ham radio enthusiast. Licensed in 2018, callsign IU2LXR (USA licence KD2QKD). Member of team ARISS IK1SLD Telebridge & HamTV Ground Station, AMSAT Italy member. Math&science teacher, mother of three, animal lover.


Claudio Ariotti, adm

Licenced Ham radio operator since 1987, first IW1BMJ and then IK1SLD, since 1990 operates in satellite communications, first with space station MIR and then with the ISS. Since 2010 manages with his team the ARISS Telebridge & HamTV Ground Station located in Casale Monferrato, Italy. AMSAT Italy vice president. Continuing the experience started on precedent issfanclub.com, will keep on manage ISS Achievement Award.


Brian Clark, editor

Radio and TV Broadcast Engineer based in Los Angeles, CA.  I have had a lifelong interest in space exploration, and amateur radio since early childhood.  My father was an amateur radio operator, which exposed me to the fun and excitement you could experience with this hobby.  I pursued my amateur radio license in 1995.  I enjoy electronics, designing new electronic and mechanical devices.  Please come often to our International Space Station Fan Club website and enjoy along with a community of other ISS and Amateur Radio enthusiasts.  This is a venue to learn about Space exploration, Amateur Radio, and to have fun while meeting new people.

73’s de KF6FES


Daniele Missaglia, editor

Hello my name is Daniele, callsign iu2dmi . I’m lincesed in 2014, I do activity radio in hf vhf and satellite and aprs via Iss. I like activity of swl via satellite beacon mode ,decode telemetry of satellite sstv via iss etc etc. tnx to add me in the staff in this site.

73 de iu2dmi



Dario Corrò, editor

I am a radioamateur since 1998, callsign  IW3HUF, with an interest in satellite connections. I like everything about space and astronomy. I am honored to be in this group.


Adalberto Maria Tassi, editor

Hi there,thank’s for adding me. I’m Adalberto Maria (IU0JLZ), located in Fiumicino (Rome). I have been licensed since 2017, I listen to iss vhf activity like school contacts, sstv and aprs. I’m cabin crew in airline company (alitalia), and I use especially portable radios around the world.Thank’s for adding me. 73 to all af you.


Sandra Louicasse, editor

I’m 41 soon, I live next to the Atlantic Ocean, (20km !) I don’t work, married, no children, but space is my passion.

Others editors, profile coming soon: Andreas Imse, George Sfair, Christine Cougoulaine, Aymeric Mouline, Enzo Guida, Mathieu Mostel.