Current ISS Crew

EXP 70

The Expedition 70 crew began on Sept. 27, 2023. The astronauts and cosmonauts will be studying an array of microgravity phenomena to benefit humans living on and off the Earth. The orbital residents will also explore heart health, cancer treatments, space manufacturing techniques, and more during their long-duration stay in Earth orbit.

Crew Members

Andreas Mogensen, Commander
Jasmin Moghbeli, Flight Engineer
Satoshi Furukawa, Flight Engineer
Loral O’Hara, Flight Engineer
Konstantin Borisov, Flight Engineer
Oleg Kononenko, Flight Engineer
Nikolai Chub, Flight Engineer

Crew and Cargo Missions

1/18/2024 – Axiom Mission 3 Launch
12/21/2023 – SpaceX CRS-29 Undock
12/1/23 – ISS Progress 86 Launch/Dock
11/11/23 – SpaceX CRS-29 Dock
11/9/23 – SpaceX CRS-29 Launch
9/27/23 – Soyuz MS-23 Undock/Land
9/15/23 – Soyuz MS-24 Launch/Dock
8/27/23 – SpaceX Crew-7 Dock
8/26/23 – SpaceX Crew-7 Launch


EXP 69

Crew Members

Sergey Prokopyev, Commander
Frank Rubio, Flight Engineer
Dmitri Petelin, Flight Engineer
Stephen Bowen, Flight Engineer
Woody Hoburg, Flight Engineer
Andrey Fedyaev, Flight Engineer
Sultan Alneyadi, Flight Engineer



EXP 68

Expedition 68:
Frank Rubio
Dimitri Petelin
Koichi Wakata, KI5TMN
Josh Cassada, KI5CRH
Nicole Mann
Sergey Prokopyev
Anna Kikina

EXP 67

Expedition 67 Mission Summary

Robert Hines
Samantha Cristoforetti
Denis Matveev
Oleg Artemyev
Sergey Korsakov
Jessica Watkins
Kjell Lindgren

EXP 66

Expedition 66 Mission Summary

Raja Chari
Thomas Marshburn
Matthias Maurer
Anton Shkaplerov
Pyotr Dubrov
Kayla Barron
Mark Vande Hei

EXP 65

Expedition 65 official crew portrait

EXP 64

Expedition 64 Mission Summary

Expedition 64 - Wikipedia

Kate Rubins
Victor Glover
Soichi Noguchi
Sergey Ryzhikov
Michael Hopkins
Shannon Walker
Sergey Kud-Sverchkov


EXP 63

                                The Expedition 63 crew is on the International Space Station – Arrived on ISS 04/09/20                 

Chris Cassidy KF5KDR
Anatoly Ivanishin
Ivan Vagner

EXP 62

The Expedition 62 crew is on the International Space Station.

EXP 61

26 Sept 2019-3 Oct 2019, 9 astronauts on the ISS

EXP 61

EXP 61

EXP 60

EXP 59

EXP 59

Crew’s biographies:


EXP 58-59