ARISS School Contact 21 July 2021 17:47, multi-point telebridge via IK1SLD

Astronaut Mark Vande Hei during an EVA in 2017 (Wikipedia)

An educationa radio contact is planned with SpaceKids Global, Winter Park, FL, multi-point telebridge via IK1SLD ARISS Telebridge & HamTV Ground Station, located in Casale Monferrato (AL), Italy. A multi-point telebridge contact means that each student will be on the telebridge from their own home.

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled *to be TBD* and the scheduled astronaut is Mark Vande Hei KG5GNP.

. Contact is go for: Wednesady 21 July 2021, 17:47:21 UTC, 51 deg; downlink signals from ISS will be audible over parts of Europe on 145.800 ; contact will be in English. Check for latest information on the operation mode . RX only! (Credit: AMSAT.)

Watch for livestream

Proposed questions generated by the SpaceKids Global students:

1. What is your favorite outer space food? Do you have lots of different things to eat?

2. In Girl Scouts, we are taught to use resources wisely. How could this concept be applied to NASA and the space industry?

3. What do you do for fun on the ISS?

4. What is your favorite piece of experiment/research that you have worked on in space?

5. What does it feel like in space?

6. Do astronauts get sick when they’re in space and how would they handle it if so?

7. What would happen if you brought a compass to outer space with you?

8. How high can you jump on the moon?

9. What is Oobleck like in space? Would it act the same as on Earth? Would it firm up when hit or thrown or would it stay all oozy?

10. What do you do for fun during your free time when you are on the International Space Station?

11. Do you have any live animals on the International Space Station?

12. What kinds of food have you been able to grow in space so far?

13. What math did you take and use on the International Space Station?

14. Would you be excited to meet an alien while you were in space and what would you want them to know about Earth?

15. Which is more fun- the ride to the ISS or the trip home? What does it feel like?

16. What’s your favorite piece of research you’ve worked on while in space?

17. What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

18. What are some challenges that you have to face trying to readjust back to your normal life after being in space?

19. Do you take social media photos or videos in space and how do you post them?

20. When was a time that you had failed at something in your journey in becoming an astronaut, why did you decide to keep pushing through?

21. What are some major hurdles to make it to Mars?

22. How much training and what kind?

23. How would you describe weightlessness?

24. Does astronaut height increase in Space and come back to normal after returning to earth?

25. What is your advice to a female that is looking to get into the space industry?

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