Diploma “Russia ISS SSTV”

Diploma “Russia ISS SSTV”

The Russia ISS SSTV diploma is awarded to radio amateurs (observers) for receiving SSTV (slow-scan television) broadcasts from the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the space experiment (SE) “About Gagarin from Space”.
To receive the Russia ISS SSTV Diploma, you need to receive and decode 3 (three) images transmitted over the radio channel from the ISS using the SSTV protocol only on the days of the SE . Each image must be at least 90% complete and of acceptable quality.
Sample images:

You can view the schedule of transmissions from the ISS on this page . We recommend using the RX-SSTV software to decode images with a report on the date and time of reception.
To obtain a diploma, you need to fill out an application form. Images in jpg and png format are accepted. Each image should not exceed 1 Mb.

Applications are accepted only during the entire time of the FE and within 12 hours after the end of the FE . Diplomas will be sent in electronic form (pdf or png) by e-mail within 30 days after the end of the FE.
The diploma program aims to:

  • increasing the activity and popularization of receiving data from spacecraft;
  • increasing the interest of young people in the study and development of space communications technology;
  • popularization of space research;

The recipients of the Russia ISS SSTV diploma will be published on this page .

The organizers of the diploma program:

Your questions can be sent to e-mail – diplom-sstv@r4uab.ru

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