ARISS School Contact 18 Sept 2019 08:06 UTC audible above Australia

VK6MJ antennas

An educational radio contact is planned with Templestowe College, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, telebridge via VK6MJ.

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be NA1SS and the scheduled astronaut is Nick Hague KG5TMV. Contact is go for: Wed 2019-09-18 08:06:32 UTC 42 deg; downlink signals from ISS will be audible above parts of Australia on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM; contact will be in English. RX only!  Credit: AMSAT.

Watch for livestream:

Proposed questions generated by the Templestowe College students:
1. What is the most interesting thing you’ve seen in space or from ISS??
2. How do you stay healthy and what happens if you are sick?
3. Do you have free time, if so, what do you do with it?
4. Are there any permanent effects of being in space for a long time?
5. If a family or personal emergency occurs, are you allowed to go home?
6. What interesting experiments do you perform on the ISS?
7. What does it feel like bring back on earth after a long time in space?
8. Are there international space laws and censorship laws that govern people on ISS?
9. How much fuel do you use manoeuvring the ISS around space debris?
10. Do you ever feel isolated, and if so, how do you cope with that?
11. How does your family feel about you being on ISS and what support do they get?
12. What is the hardest thing you do on the ISS?
13. What kind of personal items are you allowed to bring?
14. Do you have access to medicine and/or doctors?
15. What do you do when you feel fed up or annoyed with each other?
16. What kind of training did you have to be qualified to go to the space station?
17. What made you want to become astronaut? Was it a lifelong dream, or did it just happen to be?
18. Are you put in isolation before going into space and coming back to earth, if so, how long?
19. What is your daily routine on the ISS?
20. How do you cope with the stress of take-off and being away from earth?

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