1. Anyone have an update on the Packet station? Hardware failure, or just the need to schedule the time to reconfigure it back to normal operation. No doubt the team in plenty busy on their REAL jobs, just missing it. 🙂

    1. Hello, we all miss it so much!
      Last spot was about 20 days ago, so we think it’s not working. New packet module is onboard ISS, but installation depends on the crew’s busy schedule. Hope they’ll can do it soon!

      73, kd2qkd Micol

    2. I had a listen on last pass but nothing. Another pass in 20 minutes will have another try. 73 VK3AS

      1. Hi Andrew , i check again on ariss.net but last spot is 21 day’s ago , but is correct to try heard if the aprs turn switch on.
        ciao 73 iu2dmi Daniele

        1. iu2dmi Daniele next pass is in 6 minutes and has NO-84 following ion behind. Is almost sunset here so we may see ISS 73 Andy

          1. for no-84 has a problem of battery , becasue when battery isn’t fully charged the aprs go in switchoff mode

          2. iu2dmi Daniele ,OK nothing heard on either satellite. Thats it for tonight I think ! 73 Andy

  2. It was shut off before the last Soyuz brought back 3 crewmembers. Don’t know if there is a problem, or maybe partial US federal government shutdown affects non-critical NASA operations.
    Another set of equipment is on board and should be replaced by the end of Jan 2019.

    1. hello , the last info was , in november new aprs module was on board the iss but i don’t know when it restarting the system… I think priority is work with experimente and then other how aprs isstv etc etc…. i monitoring always ariss site but last spot is 20 days go
      73 iu2dmi Daniele

      1. No, I haven’t but I’ll post once I get more news.

        In the mean time, how many of you have hit NO-84 with an HT and Arrow style antenna?

        1. Hi Luciano , for satellite op. i’m using 10 element’s yagi antenna and function without problem for no84 problem of noo84 is the battery state because some times when not fully charged not function in aprs . i think arrow’s antenna is good for voice operation because is horizontal and vertical mode or for example receive noaa satellite

          1. Ciao Daniele! Grazie mille per la informazione.
            Sto cercando un progetto che non sia così grande e pesante oppure piccolo e debole per utilizzare su 2m.
            Forte abbraccio e buon fine settimana!

  3. 145.550 MHz // APRS beacon received today:
    1:Fm RS0ISS To CQ [16:18:59R] [+++]
    >ARISS – International Space Station
    1:Fm RS0ISS To CQ [16:20:59R] [-++]
    >ARISS – International Space Station

    Gordon in NW Scotland.

    1. Thank you Gordon for this update!

      2019-10-13 08:18:59 PDT: RS0ISS>CQ,qAR,GM4OAS:>ARISS – International Space Station
      2019-10-13 08:20:59 PDT: RS0ISS>CQ,qAR,GM4OAS:>ARISS – International Space Station

      I tried myself last evening, and the system was down.

      73’s Brian – KF6FES

  4. Hi Brian, I am receiving this on 145.550 not .825 – this is a local FM simplex talk channel and I assumed someone close to me was transmitting on the wrong frequency but got these decodes today identifying ISS.
    Gordon op GM4OAS

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