Polish astronaut Sławosz Uznański new ham!

Credits: UKE
Credits: UKE

Sławosz Uznański, Polish astronaut and a candidate for the AX mission, has passed the HAM
licence exam in Poland.


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Sławosz Uznański, a Polish project astronaut, joins the group of radio amateurs!
22 May 2024

Sławosz Uznański, who has a chance to become Mirosław Hermaszewski’s successor and be the second Pole to enter space, took the exam yesterday at UKE for the A-class certificate of radio equipment operator in amateur service. The exam was of course a success!

Passing the exam, which covers a wide range of topics – from radiophysics, electronics, electrics, codes used in amateur radio communications to the history of telecommunications – will allow our astronaut to obtain a license and receive a call sign.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the participation of a Polish astronaut for the development of the popularity of this fantastic hobby, which so beautifully combines knowledge in the field of exact and natural sciences with creativity and curiosity about the world – that is, the absolute foundations of the progress and development of our civilization.

It is worth recalling that radio amateurs have been present in space since the early 1960s, when the first amateur satellite, OSCAR (Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio)1, was launched into orbit. Radio amateurs even overtook large telecommunications companies in the space race: the first commercial telecommunications satellite went into orbit a month after the third satellite from the OSCAR program, which in March 1965 was the first to enable the retransmission of signals from Earth, and thus the establishment of transoceanic communication.

We congratulate Sławosz Uznański on his new qualifications, and we invariably encourage you to take an interest in the fascinating world of radio waves!

73! Can’t wait to hear you from space!


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