Balloon from France on March 30th – SSTV and more… and Planète-Sciences are planning a stratospheric balloon launch tomorrow, on saturday March 30th, around 10:30 UTC from Peyrat le Chateau, in the center of the France.

This balloon will carry a meteorological survey experiment.
The duration of the flight is estimated at 3 hours and the target altitude is 30 km above sea level.

An onboard system will send an audio frame, an SSTV PD120 image of the sky, and a third Easter frame, where you will have to find an egg…

10:30 UTC on 144.650Mhz in Western Europe. A gps beacon is present on 432.500 (Radiosonde M10)
Voice + SSTV + EasterEgg.

On last experience, we got reports from all europa. Make this bigger !

Thanks for your reports on,

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