ARISS School Contatct 6 October 2023, 8:29 UTC, direct via 4K6EH

An educational radio contact is planned with 149 Secondary School, Baku, Azerbaijan, direct via 4K6EH.

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be OR4ISS and the scheduled crewmember is Andreas Mogensen KG5GCZ; the ARISS mentor is SP3QFE.  Contact is go for: Friday  6 October 2023,  08:29:20 UTC, 32 deg.; downlink signals from ISS will be audible on 145.800 narrowband FM over areas within the ISS footprint. RX only! (Credits: AMSAT)

Proposed questions generated by the 149 Secondary School students:

1. How do astronauts stay physically and mentally healthy on the ISS?

2. What experiments are you working on aboard the ISS?

3. What’s the biggest challenge of living in space?

4. Have you seen any unique phenomena in space?

5. How do astronauts communicate and work as a team on the ISS?

6. What inspired you to become an astronaut?

7. What’s your most memorable moment looking at Earth from space?

8. What skills do astronauts need?

9. How do you manage time and routines in space?

10. What experiments or discoveries would you like to see on the ISS?

11. What do you do in case of an emergency on the ISS?

12. What are your long-term goals for space exploration?

13. How do astronauts sleep in space and do they dream?

14. How do astronauts keep in touch with their families in space?

15. How are astronauts protected against space debris and collisions?

16. How do you keep track of time in space when there is no natural cycle of day and night?

17. How does the ISS facilitate international cooperation between space agencies?

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