ARISS School Contact 12 September 2023, 9:01 UTC, telebridge via K6DUE

Astronaut Andreas Mogensen (Twitter)

An educational radio contact is planned with ESPRIT: Private Higher School of Engineering and Technology, Little Ariana, Tunisia, telebridge via K6DUE ARISS Telebridge Station K6DUE in Greenbelt, Maryland.

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be NA1SS and the scheduled crewmember is Andreas Mogensen KG5GCZ; the ARISS mentor is ON6TI.

Contact is go for: Tuesday 12 September 2023, 09:01:58 UTC, 23 deg.; downlink signals from ISS will be audible above Maryland, USA, and nearby areas on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM, RX only! (Credit: AMSAT.)

Proposed questions generated by the ESPRIT, Private Higher School of Engineering and Technology students:

1. What was the most surprising thing you noticed about Earth from space?

2. What is the most advanced technology we can find only on the ISS?

3. What do you do for fun in space?

4. How do you manage to stay connected with your loved ones while on the ISS?

5. Do space simulations on earth do the real thing justice?

6. What’s the thing that you wish you brought with the first time you’ve been to the space station?

7. What’s the most exciting thing that happened during one of your missions?

8. Is there anything in space that has surprised you since you became an astronaut?

9. What motives or desires have you experienced in space, nothing like you had before, compared to being on earth?

10. What does outer space smell like?

11. Why do astronauts have mirrors on their gloves?

12. How do you handle emergencies in space?

13. How long did it take for you to get accustomed with life on board the ISS?

14. What do you like most about living in space?

15. What’s the thing that was the opposite of your expectations when you went there?

16. When there are so many galaxies in the universe, are we sure we are alone?

17. As we explore other habitable planets, do you think when future astronauts return to Earth they might not find it as exciting?

18. What did you feel when you looked down at earth for the first time?

19. Galaxies look stationary, so why do scientists say that they rotate?

20. What is the feeling when travelling at the speed of 28000 km/h?

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