ARISS School Contact 22 April 2023, 12:06 UTC, direct via CS5SS

CT2GOY with team and students while working to prepare the contact weeks before!

Tnx for sharing with us!


An educational radio contact is planned with Agrupamento de Escolas João de Barros, Corroios, Portugal AND Escola Secundária da Baixa da Banheira, Moita, Portugal, direct via CS5SS .

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be OR4ISS and the scheduled crewmember is Steve Bowen KI5BKB; the ARISS mentor is IKØUSO.

Contact is go for: Sat 22 April 2023, 12:06:44 UTC, 60 deg . Downlink signals from ISS will be audible above Portugal and nearby areas on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM, RX only! (Credit: AMSAT.)

Proposed questions generated by the Agrupamento de Escolas João de Barros AND Escola Secundária da Baixa da Banheira students:

1. Why did you decide to become an astronaut?

2. What does it take to be an astronaut?

3. What is your daily routine like? /How do you share tasks?

4. Is your digestion affected by the absence of gravity?

5. How do you communicate with your families?

6. What are the effects that happen to an astronaut who has been in space for a long period of time when they arrive back to Earth?

7. How long does each mission take?

8. Is your blood circulation affected by the change in gravity?

9. What does the inside of the ISS look like?

10. Was it difficult to get used to living there?

11. Do you recycle your waste?

12. How does the space station keep orbiting the Earth?

13. What projects are you currently developing?

14. If one of you gets ill, what do you do?

15. What was the most amazing thing you have ever seen in space?

16. How do you spend your free time?

17. What are the changes that you can see happening due to climate changes?

18. What do you fear the most up there?

19. Do you consider yourselves as heroes?

20. If you get emotional and cry what happens to your tears?

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