ARISS School Contact 20 April 2023, 18:20 UTC, direct via W8ISS

Sultan Al Neyadi KI5VTV

An educational radio contact is planned with West Michigan Aviation Academy, High School, Grand Rapids, MI, direct via W8ISS.

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be NA1SS and the scheduled crewmember is Sultan Al Neyadi KI5VTV; the ARISS mentor is KD8COJ.  Contact is go for: Thuesday 20 April 2023, 18:20:54 UTC, 29 deg. Downlink signals from ISS will be audible over areas within the ISS footprint on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM; contact will be in English. RX only! (Credit: AMSAT.)


Proposed questions generated by the West Michigan Aviation Academy, High School students:

1. How did you build and maintain the motivation to become an astronaut?

2. What type of clothes and personal belongings do you bring to space and why?

3. What kind of training do you get as an astronaut to mentally prepare you for the challenges of missions in space?

4. What are the hardest adjustments to living in space for long periods of time?

5. How has travelling to space affected your perspective on life and of the planet?

6. Is it possible to get stuck in an open area of the space station where you cannot grab or push against anything to generate a force? If so, how do you get unstuck?

7. Does electricity behave differently in orbit on the space station and does it require any special precautions?

8. How do you deal with human waste and garbage on the space station?

9. What kinds of plant or animal research is being done on the space station?

10. How does the lack of sunlight and gravity affect plant growth on the space station?

11. How do you prevent or respond to serious injuries in space?

12. What personality or leadership traits is the space program looking for in astronaut candidates to be best prepared to go on space missions?

13. How is the mental health of the space station crew monitored?

14. What subjects or lessons from your high school or college education do you apply most often on the space station?

15. What are some things I can do now, as a high school student, to prepare to become an astronaut?

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