ARISS School Contact 15 Feb 2023,12:48 UTC, direct via 9H1MRL

PHOTO DATE: March 11, 2022. LOCATION: Bldg. 8, Rm 183 – Photo Studio. SUBJECT: Official Crew-5 & Expedition 68 Portrait – Josh Cassada. PHOTOGRAPHER: Josh Valcarcel


An educational radio contact is planned with Stella Maris College, Gzira, Malta, direct via 9H1MRL. The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be OR4ISS and the scheduled crewmember is Josh Cassada KI5CRH.

Contact is go: Wed 2023-02-15 12:48:01 UTC 60 deg;  Predicted times drifting earlier by about 4 minutes at this time.

Downlink signals from ISS  will be audible over parts of Europe on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM; contact will be in English.  RX only! (Credit: AMSAT.)

Watch for Livestream


Proposed questions generated by the Stella Maris College students: 

1. What do astronauts normally eat or drink on the space station?

2. How do you sleep in space? Is it comfortable?

3. What do you do in your free time?

4. How long is the training to actually go in space?

5. Why do astronauts wear space suits?

6. Is there a maximum time limit for staying in space?

7. How do you stay healthy (physically and mentally): in space?

8. When you are going up in space, crossing the ozone layer does it hurt?

9. What side effects do you get when returning from space?

10. Can kids go to space?

11. Did you discover something new from another galaxy?

12. What does space food taste like?

13. How does it feel like living in low gravity?

14. What inspired you to work in space and the International Space Station?

15. What are your emotions during lift-off?

16. Do astronauts need to go to the hospital or get checked out when they return to earth?

17. What do you miss most from Earth when you are in space?

18. How is one chosen to go on the ISS? What inspired you to become an astronaut?

19. What does the training to go to space consist of?

20. Why is there no gravity in space? How does it feel?

21. At what speed does the ISS travel and how many times do you circle the earth in a day

22. How is air generated inside the ISS?

23. What is the best thing to do when you are in a rocket?

24. How would you describe the spacewalk in a few words?

25. What is the hardest part when living in space?

26. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in space?

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