Save 900 KHz transmitter in Siziano, Italy!

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On 11 September, RAI decided to shut down the medium waves systems and Rai Way began the demolition of the towers. It’s an enormous cultural loss!

Paolo Passerini IW2HEU is organizing an extraordinary opening of the radio center of Siziano (Milan) to let visitors see the site before the two towers are demolished. 

IW2HEU is in contact with the FAI, that is Italian association whose purposes are to protect, suppport and highlght environmental heritage, abandoned or forgotten. IW2HEU is managing to have FAI patronage in order to organize that visit for next spring.

The FAI secretariat suggested that people vote for Siziano transmitter on their website, in the  “places of the heart” section especially created for the radio center. You can vote here!

ISS Fan Club invites our fans to vote in support of the initiative. To vote, you must first log in to the FAI website (by registering your FAI account) or via Facebook (from PC Desktop), otherwise the vote will not be counted. Unfortunately we have found that sometimes the vote is not successful, therefore to be sure that you have voted correctly, the FAI site must give a positive vote feedback on the screen and send a confirmation email to your email address.

Bonus: you will also see a lot of wonderful italian places on FAI website!

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