ARISS School Contact 19 October 2022, 17:35 UTC, telebridge via VK6MJ

Official Crew-5 & Expedition 68 Portrait – Josh Cassada.          Ph: Josh Valcarcel


An educational radio contact is planned with Chief Whitecap Elementary School, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, telebridge via VK6MJ ARISS TELEBRIDGE GROUND STATION in Australia.

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be NA1SS and the scheduled crewmember is Josh Cassada KI5CRH.

Contact is go for: Wednesady 19 October 2022, 17:35:07 UTC, 86 deg . Downlink signals from ISS  will be audible over parts of Australia interested by the ISS footprint on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM; contact will be in English.  RX only! (Credit: AMSAT.)

Proposed questions generated by the Chief Whitecap Elementary School students:

1. Who or what was your inspiration to be an astronaut?

2. What subjects do I need to focus on in school if I want to be an astronaut?

3. How long did you train to become an astronaut?

4. What advice would you give to aspiring astronauts?

5. What has been your favorite part of the ISS mission so far?

6. How do you stay connected to your family while you are on the ISS?

7. What is your most favorite meal in space?

8. How do you handle an astronaut getting sick or hurt on the ISS?

9. Besides your family, what do you miss most about being on Earth?

10. How strong is the gravity of Dark Matter?

11. Have you ever seen any alien lifeform?

12. How much free time do you get while on the ISS?

13. How do you go to the bathroom in Space?

14. What does anti-gravity feel like?

15. How would you deal with something happening to the ISS structure?

16. What do you not like about being on the ISS?

17. What has been your scariest moment in space?

18. What is your role on the ISS?

19. How do you sleep in space?

20. What words would you use to describe leaving the earth’s atmosphere?

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