AMSAT Argentina announcing CONTACTO ARISS con ANTÁRTIDA – with great pictures!

On Friday, October 7, 2022, from 12:14-LU (15:14-UTC) there will be a live contact from Antarctica with the ISS (International Space Station).

Students from the #38 Raul Alfonsin school at the Esperanza (Hope) Antarctic base will ask questions that will be answered by astronaut Kjell Lindgren, KO5MOS, aboard the ISS, with ON4ISS, AMSAT Belgium as a Telebridge.

This event was managed before ARISS (Amateur Radio on the ISS) by CETRA (Science, Education and Technology united by Amateur Radio) subcommission of AMSAT-LU, led by Luis Funes, LU8YY/Q, NASA/ARISS Telebridge.

AMSAT thanks COCOANTAR (ANTARCTIC Joint Command) for their collaboration and commitment to make this special event (1st Contact of the ISS with Antarctica) possible, and to ARISS Canada for their valuable support.

This adds to the WSPR LU1ZV active Antarctica beacon donated by AMSAT-LU.

It will be broadcast by COCOANTAR, TN and graphic and television media.

It can be seen on


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