ARISS bringing humanity along for the ride

Credits: NASA


At the recent ISS Research and Development Conference, NASA Released their 2022 edition of “International Space Station Benefits for Humanity.”​ In this document, ARISS was cited as one of the teams that are “Bringing Humanity Along for the Ride.”

You can download a PDF of the book at:​

(the ARISS article starts at page 96 in the book or 53 in the PDF) ​ ​

The ARISS article is also on the NASA web site at:

Which also has some great links and an extremely touching video of the 2017 contact with first school group educational contact in Venezuela.

NASA also released a great video summary of those of us that are “Bring Humanity Along for the Ride”

​Tnx @ARISS-I Chair Frank Bauer KA3HDO for the information!







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