IZ1JFK’s ISS at Planetarium in Lecco to be exposed


The ISS at Planetarium


Claudio Cosci IZ1JFK shared with us the model of the International Space Station that he made using 3D printing and designing the files with CAD. Here you can find the description .

Today, what a wonderful day!! Claudio brought the model to the Planetarium in Lecco and donated it to be exposed for activities with schools and people.

An EVA occurred, because of an emergency in the SM. The EVA was succesfull, the crew was great. The ISS is safe home, ready to start her public activity!


Some pictures of the Planetary and of the wonderful town of Lecco:

Gruby, the space pig, is the mascotte!


Memories of Samantha’s Cristoforetti first mission


Lecco is on the lake
Resegone mountain

A special TNX to IZ1JFK, Natale, Loris and IZ2GOJ!


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