ARISS Europe to Perform Special Digital SSTV Experiment – 20 Feb 2022

After the successful radio contact with the FH Aachen, the ARISS Europa team is now planning a special SSTV experiment for next Sunday, February 20, 2022. During the ISS overflights between 05:10 UTC and 12:00 UTC SSTV images will be transmitted in a special format according to “KG-STV“.

Details about this experiment and the required equipment are available on the AMSAT NL website “″.

ARISS asks to refrain from using the ISS cross-band repeater during these five overflights over Europe.

The members of the ham radio community youth and the public are invited to receive and decode these special SSTV, signals reception reports are welcome and can be submitted via ““.

The purpose of these experiments is to optimize future transmissions of SSTV images from the ISS and to investigate alternative transmission methods.

73 de Oliver DG6BCE


Please note: this event depends on ARISS IORS radio availabilities and ISS crew support, so last-minute changes may occur; the ARISS team will employ the ISS Kenwood radio in its cross-band repeater mode.  The crossband repeater operates on a downlink of 437.800 MHz.  Each transmission sequence will consist of 1:40 minute transmission, followed by 1:20 minute pause and will be repeated several times within an ISS pass over Europe. The used modulation is MSK w/o error correction. For the decoding of the 320 x 240 px image, the software KG-STV is required.  The KG-STV software can be downloaded from the following link: ; the ZIP file contains the KG-STV program, an installation and setup manual, some images and MP3 audio samples for your first tests as well as links for additional technical information about the KG-STV use.

For more:

KG-STV on ISS (‘Test-Mission’)







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