ARISS has been awarded the Amateur Radio Newsline International Newsmaker of the Year Award for 2021.

CONGRATS ARISS!  International Newsmaker of the Year 2021 Certificate

A.R.NEWSLINE International Newsmaker of the Year AWARD 2021

has been awarded to:

The Amateur Radio On the International Space Station (ARISS)Group

The Amateur Radio Newsline International Newsmaker of the Year Award is issued to the individual, group or formal club whose activities the Newsline team believes has represented the hobby in the best ways possible during the previous year. Newsline also recognizes programs outside specific amateur radio functions that still retain its spirit. Especially of value is the ability of the individual or group to raise the profile of amateur radio in the mainstream print and broadcast media.

Newsline recognizes ARISS in 2021 for opening the wonders of the International Space Station to children around the world through amateur radio “linkups” with astronauts and cosmonauts for more than 20 years. The ARISS program encompasses an educational curriculum for teachers’ classroom preparation for the event and provides students and the public with access to attend or view the event itself.

This award recognizes the central organization of ARISS as well as the local teams across 15 countries and the supporting amateur radio clubs in each locality. This award also recognizes the ground stations who, as intermediaries, make the linkup possible via a telebridge link when direct communication between the ISS and the school is not possible.

Long may this worldwide group of specialists keep bringing the magic of space and the fun of amateur radio to children in schools around the world.

Presented to: Frank Bauer KA3HDO chairman of ARISS on behalf of A.R.Newsline by Caryn Eve Murray on December 1st. 2021





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