ARISS School Contact 10 Dec 2021, 15:09 UTC, direct via K4RGK


An educational radio contact is planned with Savannah River Academy, Grovetown, GA, direct via K4RGK.

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be NA1SS and the scheduled astronaut is Thomas Marshburn KE5HOC. Contact is a go for Friday 10 December 2021, 15:09 UTC, 54 deg.; downlink signals from ISS will be audible over interested areas on 145.800 MHz FM. Conversation will be in English. RX only!

Proposed questions generated by the Savannah River Academy students:

1. How do you celebrate birthdays on ISS, and do you light birthday candles?

2. Do 3D printers work differently in microgravity, if so, what tools were you able to make using 3D printers on the ISS?

3. How is one assigned a mission into space and how long do you train for it?

4. Is there internet on ISS and how do you communicate with your family and ground control?

5. How does it affect the ISS when another spacecraft latches on or off?

6. Describe an experiment you are conducting on the ISS and what is its practical application?

7. How do you protect the ISS from cyberattacks?

8. Is the space suit comfortable?

9. What do you feel when coming back to Earth?

10. What task or duty do you do on the ISS that you particularly enjoy more than another?

11. What is the most unusual thing you’ve done or seen in space?

12. What plants are grown on the ISS, and what was the reason behind choosing these particular plants?

13. What food(s) do you look forward to eating when you return to earth?

14. How is it decided when someone will bake cookies in the space kitchen?

15. How are AR and VR technologies utilized for astronaut training in or on the ISS?

16. Do you have difficulty falling asleep on the ISS compared to Earth? If so, what helps you to go to sleep easier when you are in orbit?

17. What are some of the personal items you brought with you to space?

18. What activities do you enjoy doing with the other astronauts in your spare time?

19. How has being on the ISS affected your life perspective on Earth?

20. What is your favorite book about space or NASA?

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