ARISS School Contact, 18 October 2021, 08:06:12 UTC, direct via F1MOJ

Credits: AMSAT-ON newsletter by Gaston ON4WF

ARISS contact scheduled for students in France

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) has received schedule confirmation for an ARISS radio contact with astronauts. ARISS is the group that puts together special amateur radio contacts between students around the globe and crew members with ham radio licenses on the International Space Station (ISS).

This will be a direct contact via amateur radio between astronaut Thomas Pesquet KG5FYG onboard the International Space Station and students at Jean Alloitteau School, Vina, France.

Amateur radio station F1MOJ will be the ham radio ground station for this contact.

The downlink frequency for this contact is 145.800 MHz narrowband FM and may be heard by listeners in Europe that are within the ISS-footprint.

The ARISS radio contact is scheduled for Monday October 18, 2021 at 08:06:12 UTC, which is 10:06:12 CEST.

View the live stream of the upcoming ARISS radio contact at

School Information

The Jean Alloiteau school of Vina is located in the Pyrnes-Orientales department (66), in the south of France, at the foot of the Canigou Peak. Located between Prades (8 km) and Perpignan (40 km), Vina is a Catalan village which attracts for its quality of life and its generous environment (mountains and lakes).

A dynamic school, a tight-knit and motivated teaching team, active radio amateurs, the ingredients are there for the realization of a serious educational project. Teachers adapted the content of STEM subjects to the ARISS project. The students, at the heart of the project, are highly motivated to learn the differences between life on earth and life in space.

The school has participated in other educational projects (such as in 2018 with the creation of a book commemorating the centenary of the 1914-1918 war) and has received a national award.

Students First Names and Questions:

1. Thomas (9): Quelle a t lpreuve la plus dure pour devenir astronaute?

2. Nils (8): Est-ce que a fait peur quand la fuse dcolle?

3. Simon (10): Est-ce que vous vous tes dj perdu dans lISS lors de votre premire expdition (2016)?

4. Clestin (10): Est-ce que dans lISS, cest comme la maison?

5. Llivio (9): Est-ce que les odeurs bord de lISS sont les mmes que sur Terre?

6. Armand (10): Quelles sensations cela fait dtre en apesanteur?

7. Matthias (10): Lorsque vous buvez de l’eau, buvez-vous uniquement votre propre urine recycle ou aussi celle de vos collgues?

8. Anna (8): Comment lavez-vous vos vtements dans lISS?

9. Landro (10): Avez-vous dj vu des OVNI dans lespace?

10. Nivine (10): Avez-vous dj mang de la Chlorolla vulgaris, lalgue qui transforme le CO2 en oxygne?

11. Matthias (10): Quelles sensations prouvez-vous lorsque vous faites des sorties extravhiculaires?

12. Louane (10): Lorsque vous avez un astronaute malade dans lISS, comment le soignez-vous?

13. Axel (10): Pourquoi les combinaisons des astronautes sont-elles toujours blanches?

14. Kilian (9): Est-ce que vous pouvez amener des animaux dans lISS?

15. Lucas (9): Est-ce que ton role a change depuis que tu es commandant de lISS?

16. Mathis (10): Est-ce que vous avez remarqu beaucoup de pollution dans l’espace?

17. Camille (9): Avez-vous eu rsoudre de graves problmes techniques dans lISS?

18. Thas (10): Comment mettez-vous les combinaisons pour sortir dans lespace?

19. Maily (9): Est-ce que ton prochain projet serait daller sur la Lune ou Mars?

20. Zo (9): Est-ce que le retour dans latmosphre fait mal.

1. Thomas (9): What was the hardest part of becoming an astronaut?
2. Nils (8): Is it scary when the rocket takes off?
3. Simon (10): Did you ever get lost in the ISS on your first expedition (2016)?
4. Clestin (10): Is the ISS like home?
5. Llivio (9): Are the smells on board the ISS the same as on Earth?
6. Armand (10): How does it feel to be weightless?
7. Matthias (10): When you drink water, do you only drink your own recycled urine or also that of your colleagues?
8. Anna (8): How do you wash your clothes in the ISS?
9. Landro (10): Have you ever seen UFOs in space?
10. Nivine (10): Have you ever eaten Chlorolla vulgaris, the algae that turns CO2 into oxygen?
11. Matthias (10): How do you feel when you do spacewalks?
12. Louane (10): When you have a sick astronaut on the ISS, how do you treat him?
13. Axel (10): Why are astronaut suits always white in color?
14. Kilian (9): Can you bring animals to the ISS?
15. Lucas (9): Did your role changed since you have been assigned to ISS captain?
16. Mathis (10): Have you noticed a lot of pollution in space?
17. Camille (9): Did you have to solve any serious technical problems in the ISS?
18. Thas (10): How do you put on your spacesuits to get out into space?
19. Maily (9): Is your next project going to go to the Moon or Mars?
20. Zo (9): Does the return to the atmosphere hurt?

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