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On July 29, at 16:26 Moscow time, it is planned to dock the Nauka module with the International Space Station. Nauka will be located at the nadir port of the Zvezda service module and is intended for the implementation of the Russian program of scientific and applied research and experiments. After the commissioning of the new module, the Russian segment will receive additional volumes for the arrangement of workplaces and storage of cargo, placement of equipment for the regeneration of water and oxygen, the conditions for the stay of cosmonauts will improve and become more comfortable, and the safety of the entire ISS crew will also increase. Time of live broadcast from 15.40 to 17.00 Moscow time

Docking to the Zvezda service module will take place at 13:25 UTC, 09:25 Eastern with coverage beginning at 12:30 UTC, 08:30 Eastern

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