ARISS School Contact 10 June 2021 10:45 UTC, telebridge via IK1SLD

Shane Kimbrough (Twitter)


An educational radio contact is planned with St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Bombala, NSW, Australia, telebridge via IK1SLD ARISS Telebridge & HamTV Ground Station, located in Casale Monferrato (AL), Italy.

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be OR4ISS and he scheduled astronaut is Shane Kimbrough KE5HOD. Contact is a go for: Thursday 10 June 2021, 10:45:26 UTC, 80 deg.

Downlink signals will be audible over parts of Europe on 437.525 MHz narrowband FM (on 145.800 are scheduled SSTV transmissions) ; contact will be in English. Check for latest information on the operation mode . RX only! (Credit: AMSAT.)

Watch for livestream

Proposed questions generated by the St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School students:

1. What is the process for getting up and down from the International Space Station?

2. Does zero gravity up there affect the way you are when you come back down to earth?

3. How long have you all been on the space station for?

4. What do the shooting stars look like when they go past your space station?

5. How does a satellite provide internet?

6. What made you want to be an astronaut?

7. How do you keep warm?

8. How long has the space station been around for/ when was it built and who by?

9. Does outside in space always look the same?

10. Have you seen any space junk?

11. Thank you for answering our questions, to finish up we would like to know what advice you would give to someone who wanted to be an astronaut.


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