How to Capture and Process International Space Station Lunar & Solar Transits | Tutorial Video

By Mary McIntyre Astronomy

In this video I take through the steps I follow to capture videos of International Space Station transiting the Sun and Moon and just as importantly, how to take that video clip and turn it into a stacked image showing the entire ISS transit. You can do all of the processing using free software. PIPP will let you extract the frames, StarStaX will allow you to stack the images easily and you can process and sharpen the images in Fast Stone Image Viewer. If you have other processing software that’s great, but you can get started using free software and they do a great job.

To see my VLOG video of the ISS lunar transit on 22nd March 2021:

To download PIPP –…

To download StarStaX, visit:…

To download Fast Stone Image Viewer:

To download Autostakkert! 3 –

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