ARISS School Contact 26 April 2021 10:12 UTC, telebridge via IK1SLD

IK1SLD ARISS Telebridge Ground Station antennas

An educational radio contact is planned with St. Margaret’s School, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, telebridge via IK1SLD ARISS Telebridge Ground Station, located in Casale Monferrato (AL), Italy.

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be OR4ISS and the scheduled astronaut is Shannon Walker KD5DXB. Contact is go for: Wednesday 26 April 2021, 10:12:59 UTC 39 deg ; downlink signals will be audible over parts of Europe on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM; contact will be in english. Check for latest information on the operation mode . RX only! (Credit: AMSAT.)

Watch for livestream

 Proposed questions generated by the St. Margaret’s School students:

1. Is the atmosphere in space hot or cold?

2. I wonder what space food tastes like?

3. What minerals and gases do you study in space?

4. How is water recycled in the ISS?

5. Are there unexpected laws of physics that do or don’t remain the same in space?

6. How many countries are involved in the International Space Station?

7. When you come back to Earth do you still feel like you are floating?

8. Do you think you can use what you have learned in space to help us with our life on Earth?

9. What thing in space stunned you the most?

10. What is your space suit made of and what features does the space suit have in it?

11. How big of an issue is space junk for the International Space Station? Is there much junk around the station and has the Station ever been damaged by space junk?

12. Do you hope to live on Mars one day?

13. Do medical operations occur on the ISS? If so, how do the astronauts prevent body fluids (such as blood) from being released due to low gravity?

14. Can you see weather from space such as rain or lightning from above the Earth?

15. How long does it take to orbit the Earth?

16. What noises do you hear in space?

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