27 Jan 2021, BARTOLOMEO EVA and ARISS antenna cable

Picture of 27 Jan 2021 EVA, via ISS Live Now

Within the BARTOLOMEO EVA at 27 January 2021, Mike Hopkins successfully inserted around 13.50 UTC a cable extension to the external ARISS antenna cable.

After end of the EVA, ARISS team will perform a check-out that the external ARISS UHF antenna can be operated by the IORS radio system in COLUMBUS.

Re-mating of internal COLUMBUS RF cable and activation of cross-band repeater is planned for 28 JAN 2021.

Final test will be with a scheduled ARISS school contact on same day.

Credits for the information: Oliver DG6BCE. TNX!


    1. Yes I find ARISS style is the best. We need to remember that this is an experiment, and it’s great to have great minds on it.

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