ISS FC association: new registrations and renewals for 2021 are opened


2021: new registrations to the ISS Fan Club Association and renewals for current members are open !

Founded in 2019, the ISS Fan Club association is a non-profit international cultural association whose purpose are: to centralize and disseminate information on activities of ISS and space exploration, via the site; promote and support space programs related to HAM radio activities; create and support community projects space-oriented; participate and animate projects in school and extra-school settings.

To associate, is required to pay the membership fee that is determined by the Board of Directors every year. For 2021 the fee for Ordinary Members is 10 euros, 4 euros for Students; Gold Members: 30 euros. Buttons for different options are in the ISS Fan Club shop. Specify name, callsign when avaliable and “Association 2021”.
Members will receive a personal card; special bonus for Gold Members.

Donations and member fees are used first to pay webservers and second, support actions in schools, fairs and events where members propose activities with children, hamradio and the ISS.

ISS FC ham members can activate the ISS Fan Club callsign F4KLX, previous accord via email. The ISS FC radioclub is now one of the supporting station in the #20yhamoniss event.

Thanks and 73!

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