ARISS Satellite SSTV planned for October 4-8 – with ARISS SSTV AWARD!


GCTC Exp-63 Crew Portrait – Cassidy, Ivanishin, Vagner

Credits: ARISS

ARISS Satellite SSTV planned for October 4-8

An ARISS worldwide SSTV event is scheduled from the International Space Station during the period of October 4-8. Dates and times could vary due to ISS operational changes.

Images will be downlinked at 145.8 MHz and the expected SSTV mode of operation is PD 120. The main theme of this collection of images will be Satellites.

Radio enthusiasts participating in the event can post and view images on the ARISS SSTV Gallery at .

After your image is posted at the gallery, you can acquire a special award by linking to and follow directions for submitting a digital copy of your received image.

To get this award one should receive and decode at least one picture in the session. The quality of the received image does not have to be perfect, but good enough to be able to identify. The picture does not have to be full. It is acceptable to send just some part of the picture as well.

The award is in an electronic format (PNG). It will be sent by e-mail.

The criteria as follows must be met to obtain the Award:

  1. Load your decoded images on the page:
    If you have done it before, you don’t have to do it again.
  2. Fill in application form: Application form

The status of your application is available at

The full version of the award rules can be found here



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