ISS Solar Transit – 06/12/20 01:51 UTC

This was my second attempt at filming a solar transit.   It was very exciting to have been successful this time.  I have attempted many lunar transits as well without a successful video capture, but found it takes a lot of patience and preparation in order to be successful.  I don’t have an auto-guider, which required me to manually keep the sun in frame, so you will notice a little movement while the ISS is passing.

Equipment used: Celestron 4SE, using an AstroSolar filter by Baader Planetarium and a Samsung NX-1000 mirrorless camera.

My next goal is to learn how to slow down the footage and capture frames, and better methods/settings of photographic exposure.

That is the amazing and wonderful thing about Amateur Radio and Astrophotography, they are both experimental and there are no guarantees as to your results.



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