Story Time From Space, & ARISS! Annie McClain reads “Ada Lace, Take Me to Your Leader” by Emily Calandrelli, KD8PKR

Anne McClain, floating next to ARISS equipment, ready to read the Ada Lace book that involves ham radio and ARISS. (Picture from KD8PKR’s Twitter account.)

A special TNX to Rosalie K1STO!

In a collaborative initiative between the ISS National Lab Space Station Explorers, Story Time From Space, and ARISS, the recent book Ada Lace, Take Me to Your Leader by Emily Calandrelli, KD8PKR, was read by Astronaut Anne McClain for Story Time From Space. Anne read the book in three segments. The second segment features a tour of the ARISS radio station that includes details about ham radio and ARISS.  Frank Bauer pointed out that at the end of the final segment, a video was included of Astronaut Sunita Williams, KD5PLB talking about the impact of ham radio on both the ISS astronauts and the students participating in ARISS activities. Many schools and media outlets have recommended that parents have housebound youth listen to McClain read the book.  The Vermont Community Newspaper Group‘s (Burlington) reporter wrote in part, “A great way to get out of the house—way out of the house—without leaving home…. In this installment Ada is trying to fix a ham radio….  It’s a nice antidote to weighty issues, enjoying readings from weightlessness.”

A few posts recommending McClain’s YouTube thus far are: Los Angeles’s ABC TV7; Daily Times (Delaware County, PA); The Mercury (Berks County, PA); The Trentonian (NJ); The Barnstable Patriot (MA); and the Orange School District and Hamilton School District (NJ).


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