Great projects and games for kids while we are all staying home

Picture of the Day

Every day you can see a new picture of stars, planets, rainbows and other objects in the sky.

A collage of picture of the day pictures

STEM Activities for Families

Launch rockets, build a hovercraft, create a winning science fair project and more! These science, technology, engineering and math activities are fun for kids, adults and the whole family.

Collage of family activities from the JPL Education site

Un juego para toda la familia: Lotería espacial

Los empleados hispanos del Centro Espacial Johnson de la NASA crearon una versión espacial del popular juego Lotería para que el público aprendiera más sobre proyectos de la NASA mientras jugaba.

Loteria playing board


Learn about space and NASA. You can download coloring books and posters. Use the Picture Dictionary of words that NASA uses. See if you can find the ABCs on Earth in pictures of our planet from space.


NASA STEM @ Home For Students Grades K-4

Build It!

Apollo Moon Capsule Craft

Apollo Moon Capsule Craft
A worksheet and some marshmallows and other things to make the marshmallow lander activity activity

Help Your Marshmallow Astronaut Land Safely!
An illustration of a galactic mobile

Make a Galactic Mobile
Edible spacecraft made of cookies and a pretzel

Build Your Own Spacecraft: Regular or Edible!
Student demonstrating how to make a comet on a stick

Make a Comet on a Stick!
Cartoon girl sitting on the moon under a habitat

Build a Moon Habitat
A woman wears a mask that looks like planet Earth

Make a Planet Mask!
Cartoon ocean ecosystem in a clear container

Make an Ocean You Can Eat!

Solve It!

Rocket made from triangles and rectangles

Make a Rocket From Shapes
Space Tech Fun Pad

Solve Spacey Puzzles
Screenshot of spot the difference in two Space Launch System rocket pictures

Spaceflight Explorer Activities
Emoji math puzzle

International Space Station Emoji Puzzles
Screenshot of STEM maze puzzles

Return to Earth maze from International Space Station Activity Book (PDF)

International Space Station Activity Book
Forward to the Moon Activity Guide

Artemis Puzzle Book
Earth’s Trip Around the Sun Crossword Puzzle

Earth’s Seasons and the Sun: A Crossword Puzzle
International Space Station puzzles and maze

International Space Station Puzzles and Maze
Orion Connect the Dots

Orion Connect the Dots

Launch It! (An adult needs to help)

First page of On the Moon Launch It Activity

Launch It!
SLS block1 on-pad

Construct a Balloon-Powered Rocket
Paper Pop Rocket

Pop! Rockets
The words "Foam Rocket" and a foam rocket

Build and Launch a Foam Rocket
Black and white illustration of rockets

Simple Rocket Science
Animation of a balloon rocket launching on fishing line

Simple Rocket Science Continued

Color It!


Spacesuit Coloring Sheet
Black and white drawing of astronauts on the Moon

Spacewalk Coloring Sheet
Black and white drawing of International Space Station over Earth

International Space Station Coloring Sheet
Black and white drawing of three children and a robot pointing to the sky

Robonaut Coloring Sheet
Black and white drawing of the vehicle to use on other planets or moons

Space Exploration Vehicle Coloring Sheet
A 3-D dodecahedron made of paper featuring images of aircraft

Let’s Fly Away Airplane Dodecahedron
Cover of High Flyers Alphabet Activity Book

Coloring, Puzzles and Fun About Flight
A to Z Activity Sheets

Commercial Crew Activity and Coloring Booklet
Moon maze from Space Launch System Coloring Book (PDF)

Space Launch System Coloring Book
Cover of Orion A to Z Coloring Book

Orion A to Z Coloring Book

Play It!

Title screen from "Go With the Flow" game

Go With the Flow!
'Leaps and Flutter' board game

Leaps and Flutters! Printable Board Game
Explore Mars game

Explore Mars: A Mars Rover Game
An astronaut in a spacesuit looks in a large mirror as question marks float around his head near the words It's Not the Same

It’s Not the Same
NASA Kids’ Club

NASA Kids’ Club

Read It!

Cover of “Discoveries at Willow Creek”

Storybook: ‘Discoveries at Willow Creek’
Cover of “The Scoop on Soils”

Storybook: ‘The Scoop on Soils’
Cover of “The Mystery of the Missing Hummingbirds”

Storybook: ‘The Mystery of the Missing Hummingbirds’
Cover of “What in the World Is Happening to Our Climate?”

Storybook: ‘What in the World Is Happening to Our Climate?’
Cover of “What's Up in the Atmosphere? Exploring Colors of the Sky”

Storybook: ‘What’s Up in the Atmosphere? Exploring Colors of the Sky’
Cover of Do You Know That Clouds Have Names?

Storybook: ‘Do You Know That Clouds Have Names?’
Cover of “All About Earth: Our World on Stage”

Storybook: ‘All About Earth: Our World on Stage’

Ask an Adult for Help!

Cover of Make Your Own Sundial

Make Your Own Sundial
A group of young students view a computer monitor

NASA’s BEST Students

Sled Kite
First page of 3..2..1..Takeoff! activity

3-2-1 Takeoff! Launch a Straw Airplane
Rotor Motor

Rotor Motor

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