Build a PVC Portable Ham Radio Station-Easy and Inexpensive

W5CYF / TinkerJohn

A construction overview of how to easily build a complete ham radio station carrier out of PVC. Using commonly available and inexpensive items found at your local big box store with no special tools required other than a way to cut the PVC pipe. I got the idea from my brother, Wil, whose ham call is AI4QT. Here are the links to his videos showing the carrier in use. You’ll also get ideas that may be useful to incorporate into your project.
List of materials:
(~12-15 feet) — ½ inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe
(8) — ½ inch 90 degree 3 way corner connections
(6) — ½ inch Tees
(2) — ½ inch Elbows
(4) — Builders Tie Plates (size determined by your specific radio)
(1) — Package #4 x ½ Metal Screws
(1) — Package 440 x ½ inch Machine Screws
PVC Cement
Spray Paint

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