Fun Weekend Project – Building the DigiPi – Digital Radio Controller

In the northwestern corner of Washington State, Amateur Radio Operators have been jumping on digital radio. 40 to 50 Hams have built stations that let them play around with keyboard to keyboard transmissions on 2 meters FM. Using Fldigi and running FSQ and MT-63, these amateures are chatting, sending files and even sending pictures back and forth on 145.58 MHz. They are using Signalinks and the hot new: Rpi/UDRC-II combo many call the DigiPi. In this video we start with the all the parts right out of their boxes and hook up the complete digital station. The Raspberry Pi from Amazon, the UDRC-II and the acrylic case from Northwest Digtal Radio and some odds and ends. From the box to RF we do it all. This video includes step by step (blow by blow) commentary on the whole process. If you want to watch a shorter version with the speed kicked up to 400% switch to the high speed version of this same video. But don’t worry we will slow back down so you can see it go on the air. You will find that video here on this same channel.

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