JG2TSL reception of Sayama Mizutomi Community Center, Sayama, Japan ARISS Contact

Proposed questions generated by Sayama Mizutomi Community Center students:

1. How did you feel when you got to space?

2. Do you feel hot or cold in the space station?

3. What is the most beautiful place on Earth that you can see from the space station?

4. How fast are you moving now?

5. Can you see rainbows in space, if so what do they look like?

6. How do astronauts navigate space, find positions and directions?

7. Can you see meteor showers from the i.s.s.?

8. Do you have animals in the ISS now?

9. Do you see morning or night from the space station?

10. When and where do you contact your family?

11. How do you wash yourself in space?

12. Why did you become an astronaut?

13. What is the most crucial thing for astronuts?

14. In space what has been a difficult work for you?

15. What space food do you like the most?

16. Are there any other food but spacefood.

17. Can you see a super nova from ISS?

18. Do you want your own house in space?

19. What do you want to do first when you return to Earth?

20. In space, what has surprised you

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