ARISS SSTV AWARD page is ready!

ARISS will be supporting SSTV transmissions worldwide in memory of cosmonauts Alexei Leonov, Valery Bykovsky and Sigmund Jähn.
We thank ARISS Russia for setting up this worldwide SSTV event that will run from Dec 28 2019 (11:00 UTC is the setup time) until Jan 1, 2020 (18:20 UTC when the system is scheduled for shutdown). Transmissions should be on the standard frequency of 145.800 MHz and in the PD 120 format.
The Polish team mainly from PZK (Polish Amateur Radio Union) – the ARISS
Europe Member Society – is happy to announce that the page for official
ARISS SSTV Award is ready for this special ISS SSTV event.
Read and share will all interested people, and good luck!
We thank: ARISS, PZK and all other involved people for this opportunity
that will make also more unforgettable this event, remembering Alexei Leonov, Valery Bykovsky and Sigmund Jähn, cosmonauts passed away during 2019.

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