ARISS School Contact 28 Oct 2019 15:50 UTC audible above parts of USA

ARISS Telebridge Ground Station K6DUE team, here represented by three members for all. Picture: courtesy of Dave W8AAS

Watch for live stream at:

An educational radio contact is planned with Golden Oak Montessori, Castro Valley, CA, and will be via ARISS Telebridge Station K6DUE in Greenbelt, Maryland.

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be NA1SS and he scheduled astronaut is Drew Morgan KI5AAA. Contact is go for: Mon 28 Oct 2019, 15:50:06 UTC 82 deg and will be in English; downlink signals from ISS will be audible above  Maryland, USA, and nearby areas on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM; RX only! Credit: AMSAT.

Proposed questions generated by the Golden Oak Montessori students:

1. Who chooses who gets to be in the International Space Station?

2. What qualifications are needed to become an astronaut like going to a special school or experience flying fast planes?

3. Since you have many people from different countries on the ISS, what language do you speak to communicate with one another?

4. How many people are on the space station at one time and do you ever feel crowded?

5. What is the daily routine for an astronaut on the ISS?

6. What does Earth look like from outer space?

7. Has the ISS ever broken down? And what do you do if that happens?

8. Can you grow plants in space and do they grow normally?

9. What does it feel like to be with no gravity?

10. Do you have free time with the other astronauts to play board games or other fun things in space?

11. Can you communicate with your family when you are in space? 12. Which is scarier – take off or landing? 13. What do you do if you get sick in space? 14. What are the roles of the people working on the space station? How does each person get their work plan? 15. How has your understanding of the universe changed since seeing it from space? 16. What are the best foods you eat in space, and what are the worst?

17. What was the coolest thing that you’ve ever seen or done since you’ve been on the ISS?

18. What do you miss the most from Earth?

19. How many sunrises and sunsets do you see each day in space?

20. Why is it cold in space even though the sun is out all the time?

21. How do you breathe in a space suit?

22. What is the best part about being an astronaut and what is the worst part?



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