Radio communication GBPOU RM “Saransk Polytechnic College” with the crew of the International Space Station

A radio session was established on Saturday, June 15, 2019, when the International Space Station (ISS) flew over Saransk. Several months were prepared for this event, and the dialogue itself lasted only about 9 minutes out of a possible 10 minutes and 41 seconds.

Before the start of the communication session, the audience of the Saransk Polytechnic College was already filled to capacity.

Exactly at 13:37:36, when the ISS reached the transmitting and receiving antennas of the technical school, a communication session began. At this moment, the ISS flew over the territory of the Czech Republic. At first, the sound came with interference, but this is understandable, because the technical school is located in the central part of the city with multi-storey buildings. But then the connection became better and the astronauts could be heard well.

Students Yevgeny Eltsin, Ekaterina Kondratyeva (Ruzayevka city), Mikhail Zagrebalov, Yana Churbanova (Ruzayevka city), Denis Leonov and Yevgeny Kovaykin asked the Russian cosmonauts their questions: why Oleg Dmitrievich Kononenko decided to become an astronaut, is it possible to take from a space station souvenirs, if it is possible to conduct experiments in space, then is it possible to continue to do this on Earth, how to captivate modern youth with Space …

The youngest participant in the event, 7-year-old Sasha Lysakovsky asked if the astronauts had meetings with alien creatures. “If everything was so, everyone would know about it. After all, this is a global event! In the meantime, we have not met with them, ”Kononenko replied. Students have many interesting projects ahead. The guys dream of making new discoveries in science and are proud of the fact that they managed to realize their dream – to chat live with the famous astronaut.

The communication session ended at 13:48:17 Moscow time, when the ISS left the reach of the transmitting and receiving antennas of the technical school. At that moment, the International Space Station was already about 2,340 km long and it flew over the territory of Kazakhstan.


Photos of the event:

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