ARISS-SSTV Images Event – July 29 – 30 and August 1 – 4


Slow Scan Television (SSTV) images transmitted from the International Space Station and other ARISS supported satellites


This site will be the focal point for some of the best SSTV images received during Oct 2008 and beyond. Images will be downlinked by ISS on 145.800 MHz. To view some of the received images transmitted from the ISS check out the following Gallery Website . You may also submit images at that website as well.

In addition to SSTV image receptions, reports of planned amateur radio activity using SSTV will be provided.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Two SSTV events during July 29 – August 4.

Below is the scheduled (as of July 22) for the planned activation of SSTV from the ISS. The first session is the routine MAI-75 activity that is only active for a few orbits. It appears that the most of the world (except N. America) will get a shot during the two day run. Some lucky operators along the east coast of North America should get a pass on July 29.

Inter-MAI-75 activity

(July 29) GMT 210/13:15 – SSTV activate

(July 29) GMT 210/21:25 – SSTV power down

(July 30) GMT 211/13:50 – SSTV power up

(July 30) GMT 211/19:30 – SSTV shutdown

The second event will be a world wide event running from August 1 through August 4 and will be a memorial event to honor Owen Garriott – W5LFL. He was the first person to operate amateur radio from space. We owe much to his efforts to bring the hobby to space for other operators. The schedule is below  (as of July 22)

ARISS Garriott memorial SSTV activity

(Aug 01) GMT 213/09:40 – SSTV activate

(Aug 02) GMT 214/14:00 – SSTV check

(Aug 04) GMT 216/18:15 – SSTV shutdown


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