ISS inspiring 4 and a half years old fan!

Sabastian’s drawing illustrating ISS

Greatest goal of ARISS is get people inspired in Space, STEM & some art: so today I’m pleased to share this nice story…Passion in contagious, and one is never too young to love the ISS!

Sabastian is a child 4 and a half, living in Medellin , Colombia, S America (FJ26fe). His daddy HJ4BOL is a radioamateur very enthusiast about ARISS and ISS. So, one evening , when back from work, he was welcomed by his child showing he a drawing illustrating the ISS!

In this two videos, the artist explains and describes the modules of the space station (the original is in Spanish):  ” The white part is the docking station where spaceships arrive, the red section is where fuel is stored, the next white section is where spaceships exit. The pink part is where one get paid, the green part is where spaceships can have a walking and then there is a parking spot…”
Then he got confused because daddy told him something about  of Star Wars…

Best wishes Sabastian for your future career!

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