AMSAT-India’s ISS SSTV Demonstration and Outreach Success – STEM goal

Rajkot Human Space Flight Day

ARISS SSTV events are being used to improve STEM education of students all around the world and to intoduce them to amateur radio and space. A nice example is the following experience told by Rajesh VU2EXP (thank for the informations!).

Rajesh VU2EXP,  Regional Coordinator for AMSAT-INDIA, reported in the AMSAT-BB on his successful event to spread awareness of Amateur Radio, Satellites & ARISS activities in India during an April 12 presentation and live SSTV demonstration during the latest ARISS SSTV event. The session also included a visible ISS pass. More than 50 students and citizens heard a brief talk on Ham Radio, ISS, OSCAR Satellites, Life of Astronauts, ARISS SSTV event and Student Outreach Program.

During the ISS pass, SSTV signals on 145.800 MHz were recorded for two pictures. Then, the recordings were decoded using  the software MMSSTV. The decoded images were shared with the students and other people as a souvenir. A leading newspaper, Divyabhakshar, published an article.  Original article is here:

And here is a translation made with Google:

Two live SSTV photos broadcast from Bhaskar International Space Station in Rajkot Human Space Flight Day / Rajkot, Bhaskar received two live SSTV pics from the International Space Station.
A special arrangement was organized to take pictures while watching the eye when the ISS passed through the sky of Gujarat. Sujit Bose (Rajkot): The length of a football ground, 450 tons weighing and 32,333 cubic feet of international space station, when the sky was roughly 408 km from the sky in Gujarat on Friday evening, the eyes of those who saw him were very impressed.In Rajkot, the astronomers also organized a unique event on the occasion of International Human Space Flight Day for this and successfully passed it. The pictures were transmitted to the space station while viewing the naked eye passing through Rajkot’s sky. Rajesh Vagadia, the ham operator of Rajkot who successfully handles this challenge for Bhaskar, says, “Transmitting format audits from ISS are in the form of signals.This ASSTV (Slow-scan television) format has been converged into images through ham radio devices. The sky began to appear in the sky at 7:29:19 a.m., which continued to fascinate people for 6.7 minutes continuously.
Rajkot police commissioner also showed interest in explaining the importance of ham radio in the experiment of astronomy. He also gave special interest to the staff of his department and to the families of the police family. Apart from this, intelligent students also got details of Ham Radio, being present in this astronomical experiment. During the summer vacation in Rajkot, its camps will be organized as why to develop as a ham radio hobby.




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