UPDATE about next SSTV event


Credits: ARISS

**UPDATE – April 3**
The MAI-75 activity was a success with ground stations mainly in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America posting received copy of images. All 12 images were eventually posted to the gallery.The next big event will be the ARISS SSTV event that starts Thursday, April 11 about 18:00 UTC and will be operational until about 18:00 UTC on Sunday, April 14. Since this event will run continuously for 72 hours, folks in the higher latitudes should have a pretty good chance to receive all 12 of the images. Operators in the mid latitudes should be able to get most of them depending on location. Good Luck and Enjoy!



  1. We obtained pictures 3,4,5 the first day and then 2,6 next day in Christchurch New Zealand
    Bye Murray ZL3MH

  2. Is ISS packet and APRS still operating? I have not copied sigs on 145.825 for many days from my QTH in Hammond LA.

  3. Hello, the ISS is going to be quiet for a few days. They just received resupply of equipment, food and other necessary items Thursday, and they turn the radio system off during these time periods. There was a school contact yesterday in Canada, on Monday is a Spacewalk, so the system will be shutdown until after that.

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