ARISS SCHOOL CONTACT 10 Apr 2019-Canadian school- audible above parts of Australia


VK6MJ antennas


An ARISS educational radio contact is planned with Shaftesbury High School, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, telebridge via VK6MJ .
The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be NA1SS and the scheduled astronaut is David St-Jacques KG5FYI
Contact is go for: Wed 2019-04-10 15:57:13 UTC 37

Downlink signals from ISS will be audible above parts of Australia on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM; contact will be in English. RX only! Credit: AMSAT

Proposed questions generated by the Shaftesbury High School students:
1. What is your favorite feature of Earth from space?
2. How has space science changed our lives for the better?
3. Is solar energy the only power source for the ISS?
4. What type of training have you had to support your mental health while in space?
5. How is water used on the space station, and is it fully recycled?
6. What is the most challenging problem you have solved while in space?
7. What do you do for entertainment in space?
8. What scientific discoveries have been made recently on the ISS?
9. How is your diet different on the ISS than on Earth?
10. How significant a threat are space junk and meteoroids to the ISS and have you seen either?
11. How do you deal with being sick or injured in space?
12. How do astronauts celebrate birthdays in space and will you be celebrating an early 50th birthday on the ISS?
13. What effect did the recent hole have on the integrity of the ISS, and how was it fixed?
14. What personal sacrifices have you made to be on the ISS?
15. How often and how do you communicate with family?
16. How has seeing the Earth from space without political borders changed your perspective on how we should treat others and our environment?
17. How will a new toilet system improve life on the ISS?
18. Are you worried about changes to your DNA while in space or about other long term effects on your health?
19. How do countries differ in their training programs as they prepare astronauts for life on the ISS?
20. Access to space is limited to only a select few. Do you foresee a time where everyone can experience space?
21. How important is an Outer Space Treaty as more countries embark on space travel?

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