ARISS School Contact 6 April 18:31 UTC direct with Canadian Scouts


An ARISS educational radio contact is planned with 58th Hamilton Scout Group, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, direct via VE3DC.
The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be NA1SS and the scheduled astronaut is David St-Jacques KG5FYI.
Contact is go for: Sat 2019-04-06 18:31:06 UTC 38 deg.

Downlink signals from ISS will be audible above Canada on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM; contact will be in English. RX only! Credit: AMSAT

Proposed questions generated by the 58th Hamilton Scout Group students:
1. When did you realize you wanted to be involved in the space program, and what did you do to give yourself the opportunities to get there?
2. What does the earth look like from space?
3. Why do you float in space?
4. How do you eat in space?
5. Have you ever experienced any space sickness and what do you do to overcome it?
6. What science experiments are you doing on the ISS right now?
7. What do you do for fun in space?
8. How often do you put on your spacesuit and is it comfortable to wear?
9. How do you communicate with others on the ISS who speak different languages?
10. Do you use boosters to move around the outside of the station?
11. How do you get a steady supply of goods to the ISS, when you are up there for so long?
12. What is the best part of being in space?
13. What would happen if a meteorite hit the Space Station?
14. How does the spaceship fly without rocket boosters in space?
15. What happens if you shoot a gun in space?
16. How do you sneeze in space?
17. How do you do your laundry on the ISS?

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