SSTV – Bonus opportunity Feb 15-17

ARISS International Chair Frank Bauer, KA3HDO (Credits: ARRL)


About upcoming SSTV transmissions, here is Frank Bauer’s message for the community:

The ARISS team expects that a second SSTV transmission event will occur from ISS this weekend.

ARISS Russia team member Sergey Samburov, RV3DR, worked with the mission control center flight controllers to schedule in ISS crew member time to configure the JVC Kenwood radio to support SSTV operations in the Service Module.  SSTV setup is expected to start around 8:45 UTC on February 15 and conclude around 17:25 UTC on February 17.  These dates/times are expectations and may vary.

The ARISS team wanted to give the community another opportunity to downlink the SSTV images we developed for you given the weak signal situation that occurred last weekend.  For clarity, these will be the same 12 images that were downlinked last weekend.

As a reminder, you can get the latest SSTV information on the ARISS SSTV Blog Spot:  Once received, Images can be posted and viewed by the public at   And you can receive a special SSTV ARISS Award for posting your image. See  For simplicity, we have added a new tab for SSTV, under general contacts, on the ARISS web site

For those that are asking, we are still not totally clear what caused the issue last weekend.  We believe it may have been either a loose feedline cable or an antenna switch that did not fully engage. Once the crew reset the system and checked the cabling and switches, the radio system started to perform nominally.


73,  Frank, KA3HDO

***Thank you so much ARISS for these bonus SSTV transmissions!***


  1. Once i recieved the ISS signal very good it stops sending for three ore more expensive minutes. Later it’s starts again but in the mean time the signal was very poor. Isn’t it possible to send with smaller stops?

  2. Marco, Getting good SSTV pictures from the ISS also involves some luck. The pause you are hearing is the pause between pictures. Unfortunately, that’s the way SSTV works. I usually just catch the end of one picture then the beginning of the next, just as they are going over the horizon.

    Keep trying. It’s fun in any event. BTW – you don’t need a complete picture to get the award, just enough so they can tell what the picture is. My last one was only a good 3/4 with some noise and signal fadeout.

    Floyd DA1VF/WD8DUP

  3. Muito obrigado ARRIS – ISS pelas lindas imagens recebidas pelo Brasil,gostaria de receber um cartão de qsl da linda ISS se possivel,pois sou aficcionado na Estação Espacial. Email: luiz-tucano@ . Muito obrigado.Wnderful.

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